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Pronin International has been a global leader in school supply and a trusted partner in procurement for schools around the world for 40 years.  We are a family owned and managed company with a highly experienced team who work closely with your staff to streamline your procurement process.

Our origins as a school supplier date back to 1980, when Pronins Book Service began supplying local Australian high schools with textbooks. Over the next few years our customer base grew to cover the state of New South Wales, and we soon became the State's leader in secondary school supply.

We moved into the international market in 1991, first supplying Australian international schools in Hong Kong and Singapore before broadening our scope into International Baccalaureate and other curriculums around the rest of the world.

A strategic partnership was formed in 2021 with Modern Teaching Aids (MTA) Australia to market and supply their products globally. MTA is the largest school resource provider in this region and covers almost every area a school might need. Schools still have full choice of recommended international suppliers but we are pleased to be able to offer a faster delivery outcome with MTA.

We can tailor a solution to suit your school's individual needs, supplying your choice of  textbooks and equipment resources for the whole school environment.

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